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Those Who Trust Us

You are wonderful and have been a great asset to our society!

We appreciate all that you do.

Prof. Marc Safran
Stamford Medicine 

Caroline has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the associations sector and has provided invaluable insights for us when navigating the intricacies of policy and compliance. 


I have known Caroline for a long time and always enjoy her energy and professionalism.

Suzanne Singleton
Head of Associations

London & Partners

Caroline has supported me in bidding for major international events during my role as Director of Conference & Exhibition Sales at ACC Liverpool.

Her expertise in developing bids and working with local Ambassadors to deliver a winning bid was very welcomed.

Kerrin McPhie
Past Director of Conference & Exhibition Sales

 ACC Liverpool

The ISHA society and meetings would not be possible without you! The whole field and every patient who has ever had hip pain owe you a debt of gratitude. 

Dr. Benjamin J. Domb
Founder & Chair 
American Hip Institute Research Foundation



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